Grace & Stapel call out GOP Planned Parenthood demagoguery

State Senator Steve Oroho has followed Freeholder and Assembly Candidate Gail Phoebus’ lead to demagogue about Planned Parenthood.

grace-stapel01.jpgHe joined Phoebus to demand a criminal investigation of the organization which counsels women of all income brackets on reproductive health.

Democratic Assembly Candidates Mike Grace and Jacky Stapel decried the call to commit funds to a spurious investigation.

Jacky Stapel labeled the GOP demand as political theater. Mike Grace chided Phoebus and Oroho for wasting taxpayer money on an investigation when it’s abundantly clear that “there’s no there, there”.

The New Jersey Herald ran this report.

It is telling that Phoebus is demanding this investigation, which can do nothing but waste taxpayer dollars, whereas, when the solar panel deal was falling apart during her watch as Sussex County Freeholder, she failed to call for an investigation into that fiasco. That investigation might have actually saved Sussex County taxpayers millions of dollars.