GOP politicians offer no vision for Iran

Congressmen Scott Garrett and Rodney Frelinghuysen are typical of GOP politicians, and some Democrats as well, who trash the Iran nuclear agreement.  They offer no alternatives.  Moreover, they offer no vision of what will happen if the United States backs out.  Apparently, they believe that the current status quo, especially economic sanctions on Iran, will continue.  That’s wishful thinking.

scdc_newsletter_20150805_G.jpgWorldwide support for the agreement is overwhelming.   Besides the nations who negotiated the agreement, including Russia and China, the list of entities voicing support includes:  NATO, the European Union, the Arab Gulf states, the United Nations, Pope Francis and America’s top Catholic bishops, just to name a few.  The International Atomic Energy Agency, whose job it will be to police Iran’s compliance, also supports the arrangement.
On the other hand, international opponents to the agreement, while vocal and vociferous, are few.
If the United States backs out now, can we really expect the plethora of states that champion the agreement to back out as well?  Probably not.  Will proponents of the agreement accept sticking with the status quo?  Again, probably not.
Let’s face it -- it’s very likely that Russia and China will terminate economic sanctions on Iran.  Both countries are anxious to expand commercial relations with Iran.  Russia and China will see our refutation of the agreement as ample justification for ignoring the sanctions previously mandated by the United Nations. 
In addition, it’s clear that virtually every one our allies agree that the time to end Iran sanctions has arrived.
The United States aspires to retain its place as a world leader.  If Garrett, Frelinghuysen and those of a like mind prevail, our nation will be a leader with no followers.