Here’s a context for Republican Obama bashing

GOP Congressmen Rodney Frelinghuysen and Scott Garrett can’t seem to hold back from sniping at each and every action taken in behalf of our country by its President.  And they never offer alternatives.


Their reaction to the proposed nuclear treaty with Iran is the latest example of mindless opposition.  If there is an alternative to the administration’s initiative, it certainly hasn’t been voiced.  Just complaints.

It’s time that we put this grousing into context.  Let’s take a look at the real accomplishments that President Obama has achieved in behalf of our country.  This succinct and refreshing account highlights accomplishments that Obama, and the country, can be proud of.

Remember when, before Obama took office, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell called upon all “loyal” Republicans to undermine Obama and his administration in all ways possible. Really!  He said that!  In public!!

McConnell charged GOP politicians with the duty to work together to prevent a successful Obama presidency.  Frelinghuysen and Garrett have been doing their best to accommodate McConnell’s call to action.  Fortunately for our country, it hasn’t worked.  But they continue to try.