GOP censures Garrett’s homophobia - except in Sussex County

Rob Jennings pointed out in Sunday’s New Jersey Herald that prominent GOP donors are reacting to Congressman Scott Garrett’s homophobic remarks by withdrawing their financial support.


As news of Garrett’s bigotry spreads,  solid Republican contributors bail.  For example, a group of accounting firms that previously made major contributions cancelled a Garrett fundraiser.  Also, financial giant Goldman Sachs announced that it would no longer support him.

Unfortunately, in Sussex County it’s a different story.  Fredon Mayor, and former GOP Freeholder candidate, Carl Lazzaro says that he is . . . “really disappointed that there are people in the Republican Party who are lashing back . . . ” at Garrett.

Lazzaro apparently reflects the attitude of local Republicans about Garrett’s bigotry.  His is the only voice we’ve heard so far from Sussex County Republican leaders.


The Star Ledger's Drew Sheneman does it again.  He hits the nail on the head with this view of GOP attitudes -- particularly Republicans in Sussex County.  Their silence on Congressman Scott Garrett's homophobic conduct speaks volumes.