At the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show

The first days of the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show / New Jersey State Fair witnessed plenty of activity at SCDC’s booth.


Assembly candidate Jacky Stapel and Hamburg SCDC Committeewoman Linda Adams decorated the SCDC booth before the start of the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show (which is also the official New Jersey State Fair).


Here’s a map of the fairgrounds.  The booth is located on Midway Trail, a few feet from the north entrance to the Richards Exhibit Building (#47 on the map).  It’s on the left as you walk toward the carnival rides.


Assembly candidates Mike Grace and Jacky Stapel met with voters at the Fair.  SCDC Secretary Lisa Murphy joined in the conversation at the SCDC booth, as Mike and Jacky discussed matters with a constituent.

The SCDC booth is open and waiting for you to stop by to say hello.


And you can vote at the Fair:  Hillary, Bernie, Joe Biden, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Web, or whoever you favor – you can support your choice with a vote at the SCDC booth at the Sussex County Fair.

We’re conducting a straw poll of Democratic presidential possibilities.  You can take part.  Cast a vote for your favorite.  The results will be tallied and announced on Sunday, August 9th, the last day of the Fair.